I am a Brit (you may have noticed the preponderence of ‘u’s) who’s been writing fanfic for… er… getting on twenty years, if we count the early attempts at Swallows and Amazons fan novels in my childhood. I write original fiction as Helen Bright or brightwanderer. I’ve written fanfic as Atalan, Helene, and, a long time ago, Sunstar.

I like big, exciting stories with lots of characters. I love a good romance that develops naturally. I often combine these things. I am more likely to have same sex couples as my lead romance in any given work, and I love awesome, kick-ass girls and women. I prefer optimistic themes and happy endings where possible, or at least uplifting ones, and you are probably not going to find anything that could be described as “gritty” in my writing, at least not on purpose.

My goal is to get you hooked and keep you reading until it is three in the morning and you don’t even care. Crying is optional. Allcaps comments are love.

I keep my fanfic at Archive of Our Own. I keep saying I’m done writing it and I’m only going to concentrate on original fiction from now on, but somehow that never quite happens.