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Openings & Endings

I am being non-committal about exact episode numbers until I've actually posted the relevant episodes.

Episodes 1-??
OP: Faster - Within Temptation 
I can't live in a fairy tale of lies and I can't hide from a feeling 'cos it's right
ED: Every Girl - Stellar*
I'm not looking for a new religion, I can get it on the television

Episodes ??-??
OP: We Are the Brave - Veridia
The power strong enough to save is running through our veins
ED: Spectrum - Florence and the Machine
Say my name and every colour illuminates

Episodes ??-??
OP: Shot in the Dark - Within Temptation
I've been fighting this war since the day of the Fall
ED: Let it Burn - Red
Will you fight or will you walk away? How long will you let it burn?